5 Common Chores Aging Parents May Fall Behind On

It’s common for seniors to relax a little in retirement, but when does it become a problem? In many cases, older folks first begin feeling their age while keeping up with daily housework. If you have noticed your parents struggling with any of these five common chores, it may be a sign that they are starting to need help in their home.

Keep Up With Yard Work

Yard work like mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, watering flowers and sweeping sidewalks can be physically demanding, especially if your parents live on a larger property. This is usually the first part of home care that gets neglected. Messy flowerbeds, long grass and dirty gutters are all reasons to gently inquire about your parents’ quality of life.

Handle Laundry and Dressing

Laundry is another chore that can require lots of bending, lifting and carrying of heavy loads. This can be especially problematic if the laundry room is located on a different floor than the bedroom. You may notice that your parents spend more time in robes and slip-on clothing, minimizing their laundry turnover.

Even the act of dressing and undressing can pose problems for people with limited mobility. This is often a sensitive subject for senior citizens, but stiffness or balance problems can lead to fall risks while changing clothes. Assistance with dressing and laundry will help your parents look their best without worrying about safety.

Vacuum the House

Vacuum cleaners are getting lighter and lighter, but they still require quite a bit of physical work. When vacuuming becomes an unpleasant task, it’s easy to go longer and longer between cleanings. Dirty carpets lead to a stale, musty environment that can irritate the sinuses. Any lingering odors may also be a source of embarrassment for senior citizens, limiting their social lives.

Cook Meals and Doing Dishes

There are a number of reasons why elderly individuals stop cooking. Preparing foods and cleaning up the dishes may become too demanding, so aging people settle for easier alternatives. A suppressed appetite may also be a symptom of an untreated health problem. In other cases, early memory lapses may leave your parent feeling uncomfortable about using the stove.

Either way, ensuring that your parents are eating regular, healthy meals is likely one of your top priorities. A home care service is the best solution for this problem. Our professionals deliver customized and delicious meal plans, tailored to your loved ones’ dietary needs. This takes the pressure off your parents to plan, prepare, cook and clean, leaving them free to enjoy their meals.

Shop for Groceries and Run Errands

If your parents never seem to keep much food in the fridge, it may also be a sign that they aren’t leaving the house very often. Many senior citizens are able to drive comfortably for years after retirement, but there comes a point when everyone must assess their safety on the road. Once your parents reach that point, going to the grocery store can become a major source of anxiety.

An estimated 10 million people over the age of 50 in the United States suffer from food insecurity. You may not realize that your parents are struggling with this problem, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and offer help. It never hurts to stay involved with your parents and check on their well-being. You may find that they are relieved to discuss in-home care as an alternative to moving.

At Queen City Homecare, we understand both your concerns and your parents’ desire for independence. Our trained and local staff make it a priority to get to know their patients and develop friendly relationships. To get started taking the burden off your and your parent’s shoulders, give us a call to learn more about our services today.