What Are Companionship Care Services, and How Do They Benefit Seniors?

Seniors in the U.S. often prefer staying in their homes over moving to nursing homes or assisted living centers. Staying at home offers benefits for seniors, but living all alone at home presents risks too. One huge risk for seniors who live alone is loneliness. If your parent lives alone and seems lonely, have you considered hiring a company to provide companionship care services?

What Are Companionship Care Services?

Companies that specialize in offering in-home care services for elderly people often offer a unique service called companionship care. This service is ideal for seniors who live alone and do not have a lot of mobility or ways to get out of the house.

The main premise of companionship care is providing someone to visit with. If you think of what a companion in life is, you probably think of a friend or a spouse. Companionship care is exactly this. It provides a person to visit with your parent, spend time with him or her and complete activities with him or her.

Here are some examples of what a companion care service provider offers:

  • Talking. Some seniors just want to someone to talk to. They may talk about the weather, their family, days of old or any other subject.
  • Playing games.  For seniors that enjoy playing games, a companion care worker will join them in playing games, completing puzzles or working through crosswords.
  • Completing activities. Companion care workers are also willing to do other types of activities, such as gardening, scrapbooking or exercising. They can do almost any activity your parent enjoys.
  • Going places. If your parent enjoys going out, the worker could take him or her places, such as to a theater, a park or a shopping mall.

Companionship care services also include helping out with housework, cooking, grocery shopping and paying bills.

What Benefits Do These Offer?

Living all alone and not being able to get around presents problems and risks for seniors, and a huge risk is isolation. Isolated seniors often feel sad, lonely and depressed. Many of these seniors turn to alcohol to ease the pain, while others just sit around feeling sad all the time.

In any case, loneliness is not healthy for anyone, but it is especially devastating for seniors. Seniors who feel lonely tend to struggle with depression and more health problems. In fact, lonely seniors have a higher chance of developing heart problems and dying prematurely, simply because they are lonely.

Companionship care services ease the feelings of loneliness, and this decreases the risks of health problems. Seniors who have people around them to visit with and talk to feel happier and healthier. They are typically stronger and more mobile, and they tend to feel more satisfied with life.

Why Is This a Good Idea for Your Parent?

Making the decision to hire a company to help your parent is not always the easiest decision in the world; however, hiring a company to provide companionship care services is often a great place to start.

If you feel that your parent is too lonely living alone, you should consider hiring someone to help. This could drastically improve the way your parent feels and thinks, and it could relieve some of the stress you feel from having to be the only person providing companionship to your parent.

If your parent seems lonely, isolated and depressed, you should consider hiring a company that offers companionship care services. You can call Queen City Homecare to learn more about these services and others that your parent might need. Contact us today to learn more about the ways we can help.