As you age, you may need help in order to continue living in your own home. Unfortunately, your body may not be as accommodating as it used to be, and your medical needs are certainly more complicated. To keep you safe and healthy in your own Cincinnati, OH, area home, we have state certified nursing assistants available for your benefit.

How Can a CNA Help Me?

Certified nursing assistants are trained to handle a wide range of medical tasks, including checking blood pressure, verifying healthy hydration levels, and keeping a look out for the development of ailments or illnesses. We have these skilled individuals regularly visit our clients to ensure they’re healthy and help them avoid declining health situations.

Is a CNA Affordable?

A certified nursing assistant can actually help you save money by preventing medical conditions from getting worse. When your body starts to slow down, your immune system follows suit, and even simple colds can be more dangerous. By regularly receiving and following the advice and help of a CNA, you will spend less time in the hospital and can even reduce your deductible.

How Can I Hire a CNA?

Queen City Homecare has a wide range of home care services available, including those performed by state certified nursing assistants. To learn more about our specific options, call us today at (513) 281-8000. We have affordable and flexible plans that can fit into any budget and schedule.

Our goal is to help our aging community in the Cincinnati, OH, area live full, healthy lives in their own homes. We do this by providing services that are personal, specialized, and effective. Let the kind and caring staff and certified nursing assistants at Queen City Homecare take care of you. We promise to treat you and your home with all of the respect and compassion you deserve.